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verifcv est un service de vérification de CV et de collecte de documents candidats en conformité avec la CNIL et le RGPD.
verifcv met la haute technologie au service du monde des entreprises, pour rendre le parcours des candidats plus clair aux yeux des recruteurs. La mission de verifcv est donc de valoriser les compétences des candidats à travers la validation de leur parcours éducatif et professionnel, et ainsi de simplifier, accélérer et valoriser le travail des recruteurs.


We verify all types of diplomas in France and abroad

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Criminal Records

Verify your candidate's criminal history or lack thereof

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Credit Checks

Review your candidate's credit history and financial standing

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Reference Checks

We verify factual and qualitative information with a reliable source in the candidate's previous workplace

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Verifcv services

  • Verification of IDs
  • Verification of all diplomas and certifications
  • Verification of criminal records
  • Verification of professional references

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Advantages of working with verifcv

  • 20+ years of experience in background screening
  • Multilingual team that speaks 11+ languages
  • Database of 19 million degrees
  • 360+ signed partnerships with schools and institutions

verifcv Adapted Technology

  • Recruiter Interface: simply submit the candidate's CV and follow the verifications in real time
  • Candidate Interface: allows the candidate to sign the consent form and submit all necessary documents for the verifications
  • Employer Interface: allows previous employers to respond quickly and effectively to all reference checks
  • Operator Interface: allows the verifdiploma team to process all types of requests on one centralized site

Our values

Creativity: Innovation and creativity are at the core of verifdiplomagroup. Since the creation of Verifdiploma, our team has been working to imagine tomorrow's EdTech and HR solutions to assist candidates, schools and companies.

Authenticity: This is the very role of verifdiplomagroup, whose mission is to validate qualifications and experiences to create a more authentic society. Therefore, we have at heart to bring each candidate's path into light.

Trust : The aim of verifdiplomagroup is to establish a relationship of trust between candidates, schools, universities and companies, and to be a major player in the development of trust between the worlds of education and recruitment.

Our Philosophy

Bring each candidate's path into light

The ligitimacy of professional skills is often put into question during recruitment processes. This is why clarity of each candidate's professional and educational path is of utmost importance. Verifdiploma accompanies recruiters to validate the diverse experiences of each candidate.

As a trusted partner of numerous educational institutions, verifdiplomagroup assists companies around the world to recruit an equipped workforce.

Our other services

Verify a degree

Verify all types of diplomas in France and abroad.
Take advantage of our database of over 19 million graduates.


Recruit a candidate

Target a qualified workforce by publishing your internship and job offers throughout the network of French Universities.