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We take your data seriously.
VerifCV assures 100% CNIL and GDPR compliance.

CNIL and GDPR compliance in a nutshell

verifcv is a holder of " l’Agrément Officiel CNIL n° 767530"
verifcv complies with EU GDPR standards 2016/679 du 27/04/16

  • Designated DPO :
    You may contact Verifcv's designated DPO at
    We collaborate with qualified authority at every step of the process
  • Secure Data:
    Deletion of data 3 months after the completion of all verifications
  • Overall Legal Compliance :
  • Verifcv abides by all standards established by CNIL, RGPD and LPD
    Prior establishment of the candidate's consent in the form of an official document Information claire des candidats sur les modalités du processus de vérification

verifcv CNIL and GDPR compliance in detail


The overall goal of all verifications carried out by Verifcv is to allow recruiters, schools, Universities and institutions to confirm the authenticity of provided documents, degrees and professional experiences.


All information collected throughout the verification process is centralized on our secure platform to ensure overall data protection.

Personal Data

No personal data (health, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions, physical appearance, family situation…) will be collected.

Verification Report

Once all verifications are completed, verifcv will create a verification summary report to send to the recruiter. This report will contain no bias or judgment from the verifcv team.


All verifications require the candidate's full consent. Consent forms may be signed digitally on our secure platform.

Your data, your choice

  • In accordance with data protection laws, particularly law n° 78-17 released on January 6th 1978 , as well as the modifications written on June 1st 2019, and the European regulation n°2016/679/UE GDPR of April 27th 2016, applicable on May 25th 2018, all clients will benefit from compliance and data deletion according to these standards.

  • You may also reject the processing of your candidate's data. For all similar matters you may contact: VERIFDIPLOMA - 8, rue Albert Joly – 78000 Versailles by mail or email at

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